"When we created our startup 3 years ago, we realized that a matching platform was missing to allow to a B2B solution like ours be seen by large companies."
Simone Giacco

Nowadays, startups and companies are two different entities that need each other but are too far apart to keep in contact. Pilot Supermarket is born with the aim of getting these two together. It’s a B2B matching platform for startups and companies: startups can promote themselves and find new clients, corporations can easily find the best innovative and technological solutions for their corporate needs.

For Startups

Pilot Supermarket wants to find the perfect match between companies and startups. That’s why each startup wishing to be on the platform is interviewed in order to get the best communication about its technology, organization, value proposition, market and performance. Thanks to these informations, Pilot Supermarket can help startups to find clients, corporates and therefore investors. The platform is open to two startup types: early-stage startup, that wants to increase clients and PoC, that looks for angel investors.


For Corporations

Pilot Supermarket identifies and scouts B2B startups for corporate partnerships and investment all over the world. If your company is looking for advanced technologies to increase innovation, the platform will give you the chance to find the right solution for your needs through a list of startups ready to partner with industry giants. In addition, Pilot offers a broad overview of market trends, so that large companies can get an idea of innovations and act consequently.



Pilot Supermarket works not only as matching platform, but also as intermediary between startups and companies. The platform takes advantage of mentors to guide corporations and startups through the entire matching process, and to support partnership and investments.