Rome, Italy

Creation date: 2013

Workforce: 1-10 employees


Eggup is an innovative SME operating in the HR-Tech Industry. We help companies leverage individual and teams’ Soft Skills in order to develop the potential of their resources thanks to the HR Analytics.



Our HR-Tech solutions support companies in leveraging soft skills during:
– Hiring (Talent Evaluation, Acquisition & Retention for individuals and teams);
– Organization development (Team Assessment and Team Potential evaluation);
– Training & Development (Designing of tailor-made training & development program).

We work with a great variety of companies operating in the HR sector.

Recruitment Agencies

We support Recruitment Agencies enabling them to offer end to end solutions to their clients, which guarantees streamlined Talent Acquisition processes and time optimization.

HR Software Vendors

We work with HR Software Vendors to offer companies end to end solutions for their recruiting, assessment and training processes.


We support companies to leverage the analysis of Soft Skills, both for individual employees and teams. This process reduces costs and increase productivity thanks to the possibility of creating customized forms of assessment.