Creation date: 2012

Workforce: 1 - 10 employees

Funds raised: €100K

Annual invoiced: €100K

Corporate clients: 10

Other countries where the startup works: Italy, United Kingdom (UK)


For secure, smart and integrated communication among colleagues:

  • Integrates into any software in use
  • Enhances productivity with dedicated features
  • Runs on your private server


Get Messagenius as your company’s stand-alone messaging app or as an add-on feature for your company’s digital tools

Security & Data Ownership – With private on-premises or clouds installation, Messagenius grants the full data ownership and encryption keys only to its clients, and offers 007-like security with Black Box and Black Hole chats.

Seamless Integration – Messagenius easily integrates into any software in use, such as CRM and Task Managers, as well as Intranets and internal communication networks. Messagenius is Plu&Play ready for AI-based tools.

Productivity Boost – Messagenius is made for work: all contacts are formed in lists that can be filtered by any criteria (teams, regions, etc.), and allows exchange info easily: texts, voice messages, videos, pics, docs, positions.

Special Features – Messagenius makes management smart and easy with management dashboard, broadcast messages sent from one to everyone, message priority and special alerts, and proof-of-receipt features.

Full CustomizationUser Interface and User Experience can be fully adjusted to the client’s needs, preserving the client’s brand identity.

Acceleration programs

Acceleration programs

Explain your pilot

Explain your pilot

Target customer

Institutions, Private companies